About FMTI

The problem has never changed: multitudes of weary, scattered people. The heart of Jesus breaks for them. There is no lack of harvest, but a lack of able laborers for the harvest. FMTIonline is our response to the problem of producing laborers. These simple tools are designed to help prepare you to fulfill your call and move out of the pew and into the harvest.

FMTI has been effectively producing laborers since 1988 across the United States, Mexico, & Central America by helping churches use this material to start Ministry Training Centers within their local churches. FMTIonline prepares Christians to fulfill their call.

Who benefits from FMTI?

  • Believers who want to be more confident in sharing their faith.
  • Volunteers who want to be more effective in their service.
  • Leaders who want to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Ministers, called but lacking preparation for ministry