Servant Level

The second level of training is designed to prepare the student for ministry.  Emphasis is on functioning in a useful way in the local church, understanding the roles and anointing of different ministries, and following the Holy Spirit in personal and ministerial life. The Servant Level student should begin to think from a ministry perspective.
Requirements for completion of the Servant level:

  • Completion of 1st level courses
  • Two Mentored Ministry Experiences
  • Life in the Spirit 16hr course
  • Panning for Gold 8hr Biblical Exegesis course (two to choose from)
  • 40 additional class hours from our Servant/Leader courses

Leadership Level

The third level of training is aimed at making preparation to step into full-time ministry or serve in leadership within the local assembly. The student will focus on effective leadership and ministry skills. 

Requirements for the completion of the Leadership Level:

  • Completion of  1st and 2nd level courses
  • One Ministry Leadership Project
  • Practical Ministry Skills 8hr
  • Spirit-Filled Ministry 8hr Ethical Ministry Management course
  • 16 additional class hours from our Servant/Leader courses