Don't just take our word for it.


"I got saved in 2001 and believed I had a call to minister. I devoured my bible for 8+ years and never go into ministry, before beginning training at FMTI. The teaching is incredible. This school has enabled me to actually start doing what I believe God wants me to do. Thank you FMTI!" Shelby V. [Tucson, AZ]

"After 33 years of reading the Bible, this wonderful course is showing me how very important it is to recognize....there is soooooo much to learn.....;o) Thank you for this wonderfully, and obviously, so very Blessed and Godly study! This is an opportunity I recommend anyone wanting more of God, to take. God is so very, very good!!! Glory To God!!!" Bernadette M.


"I've seen how FMTI works in two congregations: Pastor Virgil's (in Tucson), and Pastor Roberto Milián's (in Mexico City). FMTI developed and trained leaders so that they are equipped to do what God has called them to do. FMTI gives them tools so that they are prepared to do a work of excellence. Many of the students in Mexico City were pastors that didn't feel qualified to teach or counsel, or minister the Holy Spirit or healing. After they complete the courses, I could see a huge difference in the way they ministered, and in the way they spoke about the ministry. Others that came to FMTI with twisted ideas of self, God, and ministry, and after a year and a half they started growing up and their conduct changed as their belief changed.
FMTI has equipped me so that my understanding of Scripture was made cleared up, and I started to see me and others in the light of what God says. FMTI gave me both intellectual and practical tools. Intellectual tools so that my mind be renewed because I understand the Bible better. Practical tools, because in FMTI I learned how to minister salvation, the in-filling of the Holy Spirit, healing, and preaching and teaching."  Rev. Eric Sonera [FMTI Graduate, Instructor, Ordained Minister and Missionary in Costa Rica]

"I regularly use the material from FMTI to teach from, both in the Wednesday and Sunday services. I am seeing the congregation growing and being grounded in the Word of God – and a major part of that is what I have learned through FMTI.  In our church, the students that have taken classes have been more active in ministry – many of them serving in leadership. They are also much more grounded in the word possessing boldness in their ministries. Students grow in their relationship with the Lord; personally; and are implementing what they have learned through FMTI classes. Many have experienced a rapid move of God in their personal lives and in their ministry since taking classes.  
FMTI classes are foundational – I was a student back in 2000 and have been teaching the basic level classes since 2002 to members of our congregation. I have learned so much through having to prepare to teach – there are classes that I have taught several times, but each time I learn something new."  Pastor Ben Moore [FMTI Graduate, Teacher and Associate Pastor, Living Faith Christian Center]